GIF Challenge :D

GIF Challenge!
I was tagged by awesome Sandra:

1. The first gif in your folder represents who you are:

2. The ninth is how you feel today:

3. The fifteenth is your attitude to workout:

4. The 3rd to last one describes your taste in workout music:

5. The 12th is how you react when you’re alone in the gym:

6. The twentieth is how people react to the food you eat:

7. Your 3rd gif is you in 10 years:

Omg, this is the funniest stuff hahaha.
Awesome challenge :D

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littlemissy replied to your post “So I’ve been thinking”

aw that’s such a great idea!

fitpoli replied to your post “So I’ve been thinking”

This is the most awesome thing ever! 😍

I know, I’m so excited. I hope I’ll have some free time :o

So I’ve been thinking

I’m moving to Ghent on Sunday.
There is a dog shelter. And if I make a small donation to it (like 10 euros or so) I can walk them as many times as I want :D
Since I’m moving in a ‘studenthome’ where not a single animal is allowed, I don’t think I could bring my 2 tortoises with me. So I’m going to walk those dogs, if I’ll have some free time from classes
So yeah. DOGS :D